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Fafco Solar, a family-owned business, has been serving Southwest Florida for over 40 years, making us the most experienced and respected solar energy company in the area.

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Let us show you how to maximize the enjoyment of your home energy and pool with our innovative solar products and our exceptional service.

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Fafco Solar can provide service for all of your solar energy products. Whether you purchased your system from Fafco Solar or another dealer, we provide expert service for everything solar.

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"We Must Be The Change We Want To See In The World" (Gandhi)

Interested in learning about going green?  The role oil plays in our economy?  Or perhaps about creating harmony in ourselves and the world?  Review our environmentally friendly resources below.

Concerned Viewpoints:  Oil As A Limited Resource

Peak Oil - A website resource that discusses oil as a limited resource, stating that, "We consume four times the oil that is currently being discovered".\

Friends of Fafco

Dr. Donna Smolinski D.D.S., Sensitive Dentistry - Employing a variety of solar product installed by Fafco Solar, Dr. Smolinski operates an Eco-Dentistry practice with earth and health friendly practices and products.



Cape Coral Construction Industry Association (CCCIA) - An advocate and watchdog of the Building Industry that has been serving the Cape Coral Community since 1971.
Earthday Network - A website dedicated to providing a center of resources for those concerned about our environment and the world around us.
Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) - A nonprofit Florida Corporation dedicated to improving the built environment.  Its mission is "to provide a statewide Green Building program with environmental and economic benefits."
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) - The Research Institute of the University of Central Florida.
Reef Relief - A nonprofit membership organization dedicated to Preserving and Protecting Living Coral Reef Ecosystems through local, regional and global efforts.
Sanibel Chamber of Commerce - The best resource on where to Stay, Play, Shop, and Dine on Sanibel & Captiva Islands Florida. Enjoy 15 miles of unspoiled beaches, 22 miles of bike paths, 50 types of fish, 230 types of birds, 250 types of shells and 0 stop lights. We became a member to provide solar solutions to the island, so they can keep their community pristine.


Living Downstream, by Sandra Steingraber - For all readers who care about the health of their families and future generations.
Out of Gas, by Dr. David Goodstein - All you need to know about the end of the age of oil.
The Courage for Peace, by Dr. Louise Diamond - Daring to create harmony in ourselves and the world.
Third Industrial Revolution, by Jeremy Rifkin - How lateral power is transforming energy, the economy, and the world.


Kill a Watt Electricity Usage Monitor - Highly recommended for determining your electrical usage per outlet.

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