The rule of thumb is that a solar electric system will add $20 to your home resale value for every $1 of electricity saved annually by solar energy (source: National Appraisal Institute). This depends on the size of your system, the tilt and orientation, your cost of utility electricity, and other factors. Fafco Solar's sales professionals can advise you on how much a solar energy system can save you on annual electricity costs and how much a system may add to the value of your home.

Since electricity costs are expected to increase in the future, the value of your solar energy system will become greater, making a solar electric system the smartest investment you can make in your home. When you are ready to sell, home buyers will be thrilled that you made a good choice to hedge against higher energy costs.

Additionally, a solar electric system can set your home apart in a down real estate market, leading to more viewings and fewer days on the market. There is no question that income generating solar panels will be attractive to prospective buyers.

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