“I have a 2,500 square foot house. How much solar can you put on it?”

It’s a question every solar professional has heard, and a question that is almost always answered starting with, “It depends on…”

I wish the answer was easy. Unfortunately, it does depend on… a lot! What shape is your home? What is the roof pitch? How is the home oriented, and what side faces south? What obstructions are present? Is it a hip or gable roof, a combination, or a hybrid roof design? Are there any obstructions that could cause shade like trees, chimneys, power lines, neighboring buildings, etc?

In order to determine the answer, we have fantastic tools available to help us figure out how many solar panels will fit on your home. We can look at aerial images, property appraiser data, take physical measurements, or even make a 3D computer model of your home! If you want to know how many solar panels will fit on your roof, don’t expect a quick answer in casual conversation. Give us a little time, tell us where you live, and let us come see your home so we can advise you properly on how many solar panels will fit on your roof!