Like most products, you get what you pay for. Solar pool heating systems are expected to perform for many years, so selecting the right product and installer is critical. Selecting a cheap solar pool heater will not provide the best value. Price is only one factor when deciding to use solar energy to heat your pool. Other important factors include:

  • Performance of the solar collector. Fafco manufacturers industry leading solar panels with the highest BTU/area ratings. The Fafco Revolution panel boasts a 1,063 BTU/sq. ft. rating from the Florida Solar Energy Center. The more thermal energy a panel produces, the warmer your pool will be and the faster solar panels will heat your water.
  • Experience of the installer. Fafco Solar, a family owned business, has been installing solar pool heating systems in Southwest Florida for over 35 years. Fafco, Inc. is the oldest and largest manufacturer of solar pool heating panels in the United States. No competitor can match our experience with solar pool heating. To ensure a trouble free installation, select a company that you can trust.
  • Options. We are proud to offer two different types of solar pool heating systems with varying performance ratings, sizes and designs. Sunsaver ST separated tube design and our high-performance Sunsaver panels. Don't settle for just one option!
  • Service after the sale. We are there for you! Fafco Solar will be there to provide you with excellent customer service. Many customers return to us years or even decades later for other solar energy products after enjoying the savings and benefits of solar pool heating.

"Cheap" solar pool heaters are not in our vocabulary. Our prices are very competitive, but we focus on quality and service. Call 239-574-1500 and let us show you what Fafco Solar can do to earn your business!