In most cases, your existing pool circulation pump will work fine with solar pool heat. All solar pool heat systems add back pressure to your circulation pump. Most of the increased pressure is from lifting the water to your roof and the pipe and fittings to carry the water to your solar panels. The solar panels themselves only add 2-4 PSI of pressure to the system.

Fafco Solar will evaluate your pump to ensure that is it adequately sized for solar pool heating.

Some competitors claim that our solar panels create excess back pressure on your pump. By design, Fafco panels use a unique subheader (FAFCO Patent 6038768) that makes for a rigid connection between the header and the collector surface - this is where many other brands fail. This subheader adds just 1-2 PSI of pressure. The difference is more than made up because our competitors' systems require a substantial length of extra pipe for the return line. Fafco's unique manifold system allows the feed and return line to be as close as possible to the pump.

For an independent technical explanation of solar pool heat systems, including pressure calculations, see Florida Solar Energy Center's Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems documentation.