The variable speed pump is a perfect match for solar pool heating systems, especially when an automatic controller is used. Without a controller the pump can be scheduled to run at optimum solar circulation speed when solar energy is most likely to be available. Adding a controller adds the capability of changing the pump speed based on the availability and demand for solar heating. This happens automatically. As your solar pool heating system turns on, the variable speed pump will adjust to meet the pressure and flow demands of your solar panels without exceeding the requirements and wasting energy.

Variable speed pumps with solar pool heating is a perfect marriage. Solar panels have an optimum flow rate that make them operate efficiently. With a variable speed pump we can "dial in" the perfect flow rate for your solar pool heating system and only run the pump at that speed when needed. This provides the optimal tradeoff between pool heating performance and energy savings!

With or without solar energy, the variable speed pump will pay for itself with energy savings. You can cut pumping costs up to 90% with this great technology while getting a far quieter and longer lasting pool pump.