If you're looking to do as little harm to our environment as possible here are 3 Ways to Properly Dispose of Old Electronics:

    1. www.Gazelle.com buys old cell phones, digital cameras, laptops. camcorders, and other electronics.  After confirming the status and value of your item, you'll get a check, PayPal payment, or Gift Card.  An iPhone 3G 8 Gigabyte version fetched $103, recently!
    2. www.Gettington.com allows you to price out what you'll get before you sell by answering a few questions about your item (and the accessories you have for it).  You can sell anything from iPhones, iPods, to software, and eBook Readers!
    3. www.Flipswap.com gives you the ability to sell your old phone for cash (or a donation to a charity of your choosing) -- you can even trade it in for credit at a store that sells cell phones!  At the high end, Flipswap pays out an average of $160 for old BlackBerrys and $220 for iPhones.

Remember, most electronics have some form of toxic chemicals in them, and even if you don't sell them, or donate them -- you should dispose of them properly (BestBuy has a great recycle program, be sure to check it out!)



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