Wednesday, 04 January 2017 14:35

We Bid a Fond Farewell

After 28 years of service, Jerry Mendolusky will be leaving Fafco Solar. We would like your help in making his going-away party really special.

If you were ever touched by Jerry's  kindness and caring, we invite you to share a few kind words about your experience with him or simply send him some love by commenting below! We will share them with him at his going-away party on January 6th. We're certain it will mean a great deal to him.
Here's Jerry's background story...
In 1988, Jerry moved with his wife and two children from Boston, MA to Cape Coral, FL.  He found some temporary work through a labor agency installing solar pool heaters for Fafco Solar who, being so impressed with his work, quickly offered him a full-time job.

Jerry was a very hard worker and quickly learned everything about solar pool heaters... how to install them, how to repair them, and eventually, how to sell them which is where he really began to shine.  He was very dedicated to his customers and always enjoyed speaking with them at length. Jerry loves being around people and taking the time to explain products that will make their lives better. He knows how to make customers feel like a priority because they truly are to him.  He was so likable, customers would often request that only he come to their house. The bottom line was, Jerry loved to make customers happy. That's what drove him the most... making customers happy.

Because of his outstanding customer skills, Jerry became something of a legend among the other Fafco distributors around the country.  For someone who considers himself to have "little education", he was very successful at Fafco Solar and often ranked high in national sales contests with other, more educated and experienced sales reps... even taking first place once.

In 2008, Jerry retired... but... he never stopped going to the office every morning! Why? Jerry's answer: "I love it here. It's like my morning cup of coffee." So, for the next 8 years, we've had the pleasure of seeing Jerry's smiling face every morning. He would help teach new employees his customer service tips, show them how to work smarter and offer words of wisdom to anyone who listened. And, occasionally, he still goes out and talks to his customers.  

Recently, Jerry announced he will be moving to Tampa to be closer to his kids. 


So, please join us in showing our appreciation to Jerry for his 28 years of service. 

Thank you so much!

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