We're very happy to announce we've been awarded a contract to install a 54kW solar electric (photovoltaic) system at the Lee County Public Safety Building.

Lee County New Release

Even better?

It's at no cost to taxpayers!

Our Solar Operations and Project Manager, says:

"The Lee County Board of County Commissioners has accessed Federal grant money to help reduce operating costs at the Lee County Public Safety Building.”

Not only will this put our local skilled solar technicians to work right here in Lee County, but it will continue to pay dividends to the county for decades. It will also decrease the County’s dependence on fossil fuels by tapping into the most abundant renewable energy source in the Sunshine State.

In addition, it is a flexible system that allows for future expansion.

Fafco Solar’s Sales Manager says, “We are proud to be invited to work with Lee County Officials that recognize the positive financial, as well as, environmental advantages of renewable energy."



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Wednesday, 07 April 2010 14:11

How Do I Power My Home From the Sun?

As renewable and solar energy continue to gain global awareness one of the most common questions people have is:

"How Do I Power My Home From the Sun?"

The answer is with a Solar Electric Photovoltaic System.

Solar Electric Photovoltaic Systems, sometimes referred to as PV Systems, have many benefits:

    • Reduce your electric bill.
    • Take advantage of tax benefits and rebates.
    • Help our country become less dependent on fossil fuels.
    • And - Watch your meter spin backward (we never get tired of this!)

Be sure to learn all about Solar Electric Photovoltaic Systems on our Web Site, and visit our Learn More section to see the common questions people have as well.


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