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The SonnenBatterie- The Best of the Best

Due to the recent hurricane, a lot of people are now interested in backup batteries that will allow homeowners to still have power in the event that the utilities go down. Click here to learn why Sonnen is the best option!   

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Last week, we posted a blog to inform you of why you should vote NO on Amendment 1 this November. We explained that this Amendment is extremely misleading and deceptive in that it promises you rights and protections that we Florida citizens already have while at the same time protects the utilities monopoly market. Now here's the proof! 

A leaked recording from an energy summit of Sal Nuzzo, a vice president at utility-backed James Madison Institute in Tallahassee, calls the amendment "an incredibly savvy maneuver" which "would completely negate anything they (pro-solar interests) would try to do either legislatively or constitutionally down the road," according to the Miami Herald. 

This just confirms what we have known all along, Amendment 1 is a wolf in sheep's skin! It masquerades itself as a pro-solar amendment but the goal is to stop solar progression, eliminate net-metering, and allow the utilities to steal solar customer's excess energy and sell it to the public at retail rates! 


What is net-metering? 

Net-metering is the utilities process of monitoring a solar customers amount of energy produced from their personal solar system and measuring it against the amount of energy that same customer consumes from the utilities. If there is a difference where the customer generates more energy than they consume the utilities must buy it from the homeowner at a wholesale rate. 

How will Amendment 1 change this?

Amendment 1's goal is to eliminate net-metering so that any excess energy generated is handed over to the utilities at no cost to them so that they can turn around and sell it to the public at a retail rate. Ultimately, they want to steal solar consumer's energy and make 100% pure profit on it. 

It is important to understand that there is not one single solar company in the state of Florida (even the country) that is in support of this Amendment! 

There have also been many Florida supporting celebrities that have spoken out against Amendment 1. 

Most recently, Al Gore went on the record saying that the true aim of Amendment 1 is darker than fostering solar and that it is a "phony baloney" initiative propped up by utilities. At the Miami Dade College's Kendall campus on October 11th, 2016 he stated, "The things they claim protect solar are protections you already have... but they are trying to fool you into amending your state Constitution in a way that gives them the authority to shut down net metering and do in Florida what they did in Nevada and just kill the solar industry."  

Jimmy Buffett also came forth in support of voting No on Amendment 1. He stated "It's obvious what's going on there... we've been enjoying the sun for most of our lives living in Florida. Now it's time to use it right, and use it for everybody's benefit."

This November we urge you to be informed when voting and stop the utilities from deceiving voters for their own personal gain! Please spread the word, VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 1! 


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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 09:33

Our Solar Roadways Visit

Nancy and I had the great pleasure of meeting Scott and Julie Brusaw of Solar Roadways in Sandpoint, ID this last week while vacationing.

They graciously spent an hour showing us how they make their panels and answering all of our questions about how they work.

I was very excited to see their technology, first hand, and learn about their new applications for homes.

image1 1

We were amazed to learn that every panel is installed by hand right now and to hear about how they plan to someday automate their installation process.

It is definitely something we plan to keep an eye on and we are proud to share the industry with such innovative people. 

They have a brilliant concept here that could completely transform the future! 

To learn more about what they do and how their product works, check out their website here or follow their blog here

Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 13:31

The Overview Effect

Ok… see if you can connect the dots between astronauts who have looked back at earth from space… and solar energy.

Edgar Mitchell gives the answer about 14 and a half minutes into this short film… the "Overview Effect".

Thursday, 07 May 2015 11:35

Tesla Powerwall is Here. Now.

Tesla's Powerwall is going to change the way you think about your power, forever.

It is being considered the key to personal energy independence.

It's a wall-mounted, lithium ion battery, that has inherited Tesla's already proven automotive battery technology which will power you home safely and economically.

It is completely automated, installs very easily, and requires little to no maintenance!

It has the capacity to store 6.4 kWh which is sufficient to power most homes at night using the energy generated from the solar panels during the day!

Better yet is that is comes with a 10 year warranty!

Right now the only way to purchase one is to either own a Tesla or be a customer of SolarCity, however we are anxiously awaiting our opportunity to become a distributor and installer of this product!

Stay tuned for our first Tesla Powerwall installation happening in 2016! 

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Thursday, 21 May 2015 09:42

Solar Energy's Decade of Record Growth

Here's a wonderful video showing the amazing growth of solar energy in America.

I think a lot of people will be surprised to learn how fast solar is really growing.

According to SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) over the last 10 years the deployment of solar energy in the United States grew at an unprecedented rate.

In 2004 there were 500 megawatts (MW) of solar energy installed nationwide.

By the end of 2014, there were 20,000 MW - enough to power more than 4 million homes. 97 percent of that capacity was added after passage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

By the end of 2016, the solar industry is expected to double in size, offsetting more than 45 million metric tons of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off U.S. highways or shuttering 12 coal-fired power plants.

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Are you aware of the dangerous climate changes -  especially in the last decade?

Are you concerned about the impact of the changes - on your life, your children’s lives and your grandchildren’s lives?

The President’s Clean Power Plan will initiate the “first ever nationwide standards to end the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from power plants.”

One of the top producers of these gases are electric utilities.

This recent presidential speech shows that America is ready to take a stand against carbon pollution.

The Clean Power Plan is being described as the “single most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change.”

If successful this new rule will eliminate our harmful gas emissions by 32% by the year 2030.

Photovoltaic (solar energy) systems will decrease the amount of harmful gases being emitted into our environment because they generate energy from our natural resource… the sun!

Solar energy is a renewable resource that is available almost everywhere and has the greatest potential to solve our global climate changing problem.

It truly results in a win-win-win in that:

    • our environment wins from the amount of harmful gas emissions decreasing,
    • the consumer wins with a lower electric bill,
    • and future generations win due to a minimal dependency on fossil fuels!

It can pave the way for complete sustainability! What can be better than that?

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Monday, 21 September 2015 14:02

Solar Energy And The Economy

Recently, we talked about how solar energy can solve the climate changing crisis, but what we didn’t mention is how it is also aiding in our economic growth!

In the last 5 years, when unemployment rates were sky rocketing, solar energy employment rates were increasing by over 85%.

Since 2010, there have been over 173,000 new jobs in the solar industry alone.These jobs are not replacing old jobs but instead are brand new positions created within the industry due to its exponential growth.

This just goes to show that solar is a prevailing mechanism aiding in job creation and economic growth.

More Jobs = Better Economy! 

To learn more about this subject read this article published earlier this year.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 12:21

A Huge Win For Wisconsin!

Utilities all across the US try to stop solar competition, but the courts in Wisconsin have fired back! 

This is being called a "critical victory" in that it sends a message to utilities everywhere. 

Solar has been under constant attack for many years now yet not one single state has eliminated it because the benefits are undeniable.

Way to go Wisconsin! Hopefully, we can all follow your example! To read more about it, click here. 

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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 11:16

Sustainable Future: The Green School In Bali

Imagine learning in an environment that's giving its students a relevant, holistic, green education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet (along with being completely off of the power grid!)

That's exactly what John Hardy, and his wife, Cynthia envisioned a few short years ago as they made this dream a reality in Bali, Indonesia...

At the Green School, kids learn in open-air classrooms surrounded by acres of gardens that they tend; they learn to build with bamboo; and meanwhile they're being prepared for traditional British school exams. The school is international -- 20 percent of students are Bali locals, some on scholarship. The centerpiece of the campus is the spiraling Heart of School, which may be called Asia's largest bamboo building.

Learn more about John Hardy, and view his presentation of exactly how the school was created, and the materials used used.

It's truly amazing! 

Looking to have some fun with the Internet?

Try to find the Bali Green School using Google Earth!   The beautiful swirling rooftops are unmistakable. Be sure to let me know if you find it, too. :)

Here's to the future - as bright as it will be!

Less Harm, More Harmony~


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