The US Solar Electric Industry, including both solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) installations could achieve a milestone by installing a gigawatt of new capacity in 2010!

That's enough to power 200,000 homes, and it's double capacity installed in 2009.

Rhone Resch, the president & CEO of Solar Energy Industries Assocation (SEIA), which organized the event with the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), said:

"We now live in a world where you can be born in a solar hospital, get educated in a solar school, go to a solar college and while there drink beer brewed at a solar brewery.

Get married in a solar church, go to work in a solar office building, watch your favorite baseball team in a solar stadium and live in a country protected by the world's best armed forces powered by solar.  And I'm hopeful that when I get to that magic age, my kids have the opportunity to put me in a solar-powered nursing home. The breadth and depth of solar in our lives is amazing."


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