Don't be fooled by imitators misrepresenting themselves as Fafco Solar alternatives. Our systems are one of a kind and the leader in the industry. With over 40 years of innovation and patented technology, Fafco panels have made it easy to heat your pool with solar energy while minimizing the amount of plumbing that is required on your roof.

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Our system is the ONLY system in the market that:

  • Allows the water to feed into the panel on the same side as the heated water that returns to your pool. (less plumbing on your roof!)  
  • Has 2 inch plumbing that allows more water to flow through the panels quicker. (More water = More heat!) 
  • Ensures that water fills each and every panel equally due to the patented subheader that is unique to Fafco panels.


 How it works: 

How it worksSolar Benefits - We All Know Solar Is Better

  • Free Environment-Friendly Energy From The Sun 
  • Extends Your Swim Season With Luxuriously Warm Water
  • Dramatically Reduces Or Eliminates Pool Heating Costs
  • Adds Value To Your Pool, Home, and Life


Fafco Solar Panels

Over a quarter of a century ago, FAFCO engineers set about the daunting task of redefining the design and manufacturing standards of solar pool heating systems. Their goal - create a solar pool heating system with dramatically increased performance capabilities and more heating power on demand.  In 1972, the world was introduced to the FAFCO Solar Pool Heating System. Today it’s still the high-performance standard by which all other solar systems are measured.


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