Variable Speed Pool Pump Fort Myers FLVariable Speed Pool Pumps can drastically cut your energy bill. Did you know that your pool pump is the second biggest energy user in your home after air conditioning and heating. Florida homeowners use up to $90 in electricity just to circulate pool water each month! A variable speed pump can circulate water at slower speeds for longer periods of time providing the same turnover of water with better filtration all while cutting pumping costs by up to 90%!

Variable speed pumps are also perfect for solar pool heating systems. The pump speed can be increase during solar operation to optimize the balance between heating performance and energy savings. This can be done manually, using integrated timer/scheduling functions, or with an automatic solar pool heating controller. Additional speeds can be programmed for auxiliary heaters (heap pumps) and water features. The speed can also be adjusted to optimize operation of automatic pool cleaners!

The Pentair Variable Speed pump can also be installed with an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) to meet the requirements of the new Florida Building Code and Virginia Graeme Baker Act that went into effect March 15, 2012. This important safety feature reduces the risk of entrapment by your pool's suction lines.

The Pentair Intelliflo VS-3050 is now Energy Star Certified!

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