Photovoltaic (PV)
The SolarWorld® Protect® PV Solar Module produces more electricity due to the cooling action of the FAFCO® Thermal Collector.

Solar Thermal
The FAFCO® Solar Thermal Collector is at the heart of CoolPV™, cooling down the SolarWorld® Protect® Solar PV Panel while delivering warm water to Your Home or Your Pool!

Elegant Design
CoolPV™’s Unique Design Provides Unmatched Performance with Maximum Energy Output. CoolPV™ is a truly Elegant and Beautiful Solar Panel that uses the same Available Roof Space Generate Electricity and Heat Water.

Unparalleled Quality
FAFCO®’s dedication to Quality means you can count on superior technology, and second-to-none performance and reliability. FAFCO® is one of the only Solar companies to be around longer than their Warranty!

Made in the USA
FAFCO® takes great pride manufacturing all of its products in Northern California!


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