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Fafco Solar is the leader in Southwest Florida for solar electricity. We are proud to keep on the cutting edge of technology and techniques as the industry grows. With over 40 years in the solar energy industry, we have the experience to install a long lasting and top performing system on your home or business.


  • Reduce your electric bill.
  • Help the country become less dependent on fossil fuels.
  • Know that you are reducing your carbon footprint.Solar Electric Photovoltaic Systems
  • Sell excess energy back to the utility company.
  • Take advantage of tax benefits and rebates.
  • Hedge against future energy price increases.
  • Watch you meter spin backward - we never get tired of this! 

Florida Licensed Solar Contractor

Fafco Solar is a fully licensed solar contractor. A licensed solar contractor specializes in solar energy systems. These days, many other companies are entering the market with little experience. We have the experience necessary to design your system, install equipment on your roof properly, and interconnect your system to the utility grid for safe and efficient operation.

Spin Your Meter Backward

The most popular solar energy system is a grid-tied, or utility-interactive system. These systems produce A/C power using solar panels and inverters that can be connected to your home's existing electrical system. Solar energy will power devices in your home, and if excess energy is produced, your electric meter will spin backward. This is also called net-metering, which means you only pay for energy from your utility company in excess of what you produce. This all happens seamlessly.

Revolutionizing Solar Energy Systems

SunPower Authorized Dealer

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Fafco Solar is an authorized SunPower Solar Electric System Dealer. SunPower provides industry leading solar panel efficiency, reliability, and warranty. The new X-Series solar modules feature over 21% efficiency, breaking the previous record held by none other than SunPower themselves!

SolarEdge Inverter and Optimizers


The SolarEdge power optimizer is a DC/DC converter which is connected by installers to each PV module or embedded by module manufacturers, replacing the traditional solar junction box. The SolarEdge power optimizers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. Furthermore, the power optimizers monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for enhanced, cost-effective module-level maintenance. Each power optimizer is equipped with the unique SafeDC™ feature which automatically shuts down modules' DC voltage whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down.

Enphase Microinverters

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Fafco Solar is an experienced premier dealer for the revolutionary Enphase Microinverter system. Microinverters replace the large central inverter found in traditional solar electric systems. Microinverters maximize energy harvest and provide monitoring on a per-module basis, something never before possible. 

Government Incentives

Did you know that the federal government provides financial incentives for installing solar energy systems?

Government Tax Credits, Rebates, and Grants make these systems affordable for any budget.  The added benefit of these programs is that consumers are taking advantage of them and solar photovoltaic prices are coming down.

Now is the time to let our government help begin your energy independence.