Why Use A Solar Powered Attic Fan?

A Sunrise Solar attic fan is powered solely with free energy from the sun. They're designed to reduce the temperature of your attic.  This allows:

  • Less Stress On Your Cooling System
  • Conservation of Power 
  • Saves you money.

Sunrise Solar, like Fafco Solar, prides itself on improving your quality of life while protecting our environment.



With solar powered attic fans you achieve:

  • Lower Attic Temperature Which In Turn Reduces The Load On Your HVAC System

Attic temperatures can exceed 160 F during hot summer days.  Proper attic ventilation can reduce those temperatures by 50 F.  Attic insulation can actually add to temperature increases because heat is trapped in the insulation. 

Proper ventilation evacuates this excess heat build-up.  As the heat is exhausted the work of the air conditioning system is reduced.  This saves energy and extends the life of the air conditioning system.

A Longer Life For Your Roof

Asphalt shingles are designed to take the abuse of the sun for many years.  They're subjected to greater temperatures when the roof decking is allowed to overheat.  This is what happens in an under ventilated attic in the warmer months.

In the cooler months, moisture is the most serious concern. Even with use of vapor barriers, there are air leaks around ceiling light fixtures and bathroom exhaust fans.  This allows unwanted moisture into the attic.

Moisture condensing on the framing members and the inside of the roof deck can lead to the growth of mold, mildew and rot in the roof deck and framing.   

FAFCO Solar Offers Sunrise Solar Powered Attic Fans

Attic srs fan

Sunrise Solar provides the best fans in the industry for your home.  Each fan exceptionally engineered and made in the USA.

The solar attic fan can be placed on any roof, regardless of type, pitch or location. Fans use an integrated photovoltaic module or a remote module depending on roof location and type.

System eliminates need for electrical wiring required by conventional attic fans. Unit needs only be properly located and flashed into the roof.  This takes less than an hour.

Solar panel allows the unit to vent your attic cost-free. Ease of installation, durability and its engineered design enables this ventilator to outperform all other solar powered attic ventilators.


Designed To:

     Minimize Backpressure Of Exhaust Gases

     Maximize The Exposure Of the Sun To The Solar Panel

  • Solar panel: The latest state-of-the-art circuitry captures sunlight even on overcast days. Totally weatherproof, our panels are designed for optimum efficiency and are hail, and extreme weather resistant.
  • Cover & Base: Molded with UV-stabilized ABS plastic to prevent damage from sunlight. The top has a shingled appearance that helps the unit blend in with the roof while also providing additional stability and strength.
  • Fan Blade: Specially designed 5-blade, 12" aluminum fan is pitched for maximum air flow. It operates whisper quiet with no harmonic noise.
  • Stainless Steel Screen: Keeps animals out while allowing maximum air flow.
  • Mounting Hardware: Stainless steel motor brackets and vertical standoffs provide a flexible and adjustable frame for easy removal or replacement.

Federal Tax Incentives

Solar Attic Fans qualify for Federal Tax Incentives including a 30% tax credit.

Interested In A Solar Powered Attic Fan?  Contact Fafco Solar or Call 239-574-1500.