How Solar Hot Water Systems Work

The solar hot water system is designed to operate automatically, taking advantage of solar energy when it is available.  

Benefits  Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Reduce Your Energy Bills - Using a Solar Hot Water Heater will save the average homeowner significant electric water heating costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Make a difference by helping to reduce greenhouse emissions by reducing your dependency on your electric or gas water heater.
  • Add Value To Your Home
  • Extends The Expected Life Of Your Residential Hot Water Tank - Dramatically reduces scaling.
  • Qualifies For The 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Over 5 Times More Efficient At Capturing Sun's Energy - Solar thermal collectors are the most efficient way to use solar energy.
  • Cleanest, Safest And Quietest Source Of Energy
  • Lowest Operational Costs - Energy is free from the sun.
  • Lowest Maintenance Costs - Minimal costs. 
  • Longer Lifespan - Due to fewer moving parts and no corrosion.


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